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Judo Dolní Kounice

Welcome to internet site of the judo division Dolni Kounice

Judo in Dolni Kounice was founded in September 2004 under the patronage of SK KP Brno. In Spring 2005 the association by the name of division of judo Dolni Kounice came into existence

The aim of this project wasn’t to establish a new genuine sport division that would bring up only successful competitor but rather the opposite. The sport itself is of course the foundation of our activity, but our plan is to try to raise our members to become not only good and successful sportsmen but mainly well-balanced, self-confident and thoughtful people.

Everything was possible to organize In 2004 thanks to SK KP Brno, lending us a mats, without which we couldn’t event start thinking about starting a division. Additional thanks to the primary school in Dolni Kounice for letting us use their facility and also thanks to a good corporation with the town district Dolni Kounice.

Recently, we train in the Club for free time. We are members of Cesky svaz juda and CSTV. Our sportsmen participate in both individual and teams competitions in the Czech Republic and abroad. As we are a young team, we can’t call attention to rich history but we manage to reach out for a success. Till the end of the year 2008 we have achieved:

Gold medals: 112

Silver medals: 116

Bronze medals: 109

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